GOLDERS ENERGY POP is an energy candy designed by an entrepreneur in the food sector, runner and consumer of energy drinks, Lluís Cónsul, together with experts from the candy sector.

Lluís: One day while I was doing sports I thought "I can't carry energy drinks with me to drink when I need them, they always have to be cold and they fill me up too much at times when I want to be agile,... mmmm I need to create a portable, tasty energy product , that it does not fill, and that a single unit contains the same energy load as a can of Energy drink". That thought was the seed of GOLDERS ENERGY.

I, Lluís, like you, want to be full of energy and concentration during my activities, and if I get low I can recharge quickly, on the go.

I saw that there was a lack in the market of a product with the same energy load as a can of energy drink, that could be consumed whenever I wanted, that I could carry in my pocket. AND that was good! : a traditional lollipop could be an ideal format!

With this objective we assembled a team and managed to create GOLDERS, an energy candy for people who want to keep their energy at its peak during the most intense moments of work, sport, study or simply when they want it most.


You have a depression in front of the computer screen and you need full concentration: a Golders!

Down working but you can't occupy your hands: a Golders!

Before eating, at 12 noon, to keep up the pace: a Golders!

Avoid the crash after eating : a Golders!

You have dinner after a long day and you are tired : have a Golders on the way!

You need to recharge your energy before doing sports, or during breaks: have a Golders!


GOLDERS ORIGINAL SL a company founded in 2020 with headquarters in Barcelona.

ONE BRAND – We design, own and distribute our own brand globally.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, PRODUCE UNDER THE STRICT QUALITY CONTROLS : Our products comply with the most rigorous quality certifications on the market: ISO 9001, BRC Food Grade AA and IFS Higher level.

SUSTAINABILITY: All the materials used to manufacture the packaging are of recycled origin, and the raw materials to make the candy are pure, not processed.